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Thank you for taking the time to visit Midwest Virtual Tours. Whether you are a Realtor selling houses for clients, or a business owner looking to create top-notch images to market your business with, we are here to help you create high-end professional images that don't break the bank!

My name is Wayne Sclesky. I am the creator and photographer for Midwest Virtual Tours. After working for several companies that provide virtual tours, I decided to start my own real estate and virtual tour photography company.

There were several areas that I saw within those companies that needed improving. First and foremost was improved quality. Quality is such a huge factor in bringing in potential home buyers to your property.

As a recent home purchaser myself, I found the quality of images was a huge factor in whether or not I went to view a house. The photos of the house have to tell a story. You want the viewer to see the house as their future house. Low-quality images will not create that feeling in the potential home buyer. High-quality images will!

My background as a photographer started in 1997 when I bought a camera before a trip to San Francisco. 3 years later I decided to turn my hobby into a career. Originally focusing on landscapes and storm photography, soon I found myself shooting models. I moved to Miami, FL to focus on fashion & beauty photography. While I had good success, I found the "self-absorbed" attitutude in Miami to not fit my Midwest upbringing. I moved back to Kansas City in March of '06. I look forward to working with and providing you with great great images and superior customer service. Thank you. ~ Wayne Sclesky